Our cranial manipulation is a technique related to SOT. Utilizing this chiropractic adjustment method, we are able to reduce cranial stress and improve the flow of your spinal fluid. The end result is improved functioning of your nervous system.

This vital puzzle piece can benefit you

Cranial work is a vital (and sometimes missing) puzzle piece of beneficial and comprehensive chiropractic care. At Back on Track Cranial Center of Scotts Valley, CA our chiropractor ensures it's not missed and that the underlying tissues of your brain and spinal cord are treated appropriately.

Effectively releasing tensions that can cause:

Jaw pain
Sinus problems
Concussions and more

Count on the area's only provider for positive results

Faster and longer-lasting results are within your reach now! With us, you'll have the area's only provider of cranial manipulation and the sacral-occipital technique. Our goal is to relieve your pain and improve your health with a time-tested and thoroughly researched method.