About Back on Track Cranial Center

Chiropractor Santa Cruz

Get the results you are looking for from the only Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) provider in Santa Cruz County.

Locally owned and operated, Back on Track Cranial Center is a chiropractic office at the north end of Scotts Valley.

Owner Dr. Robert J. Adams D.C. is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West who specializes in cranial therapy and evidence-based chiropractic, He was born and raised right here in beautiful Santa Cruz County.

Our office is constantly being updated with new research findings. We take an eclectic approach to the diagnosis, treatment, co-management and prevention of all neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, bone and joint) disease and dysfunction as well as general wellness.

Whether it's chronic pain or a recent sports injury at our clinic, you'll get effective treatments for a variety of conditions. Serving all ages, from children to seniors, our chiropractor can help restore proper nervous system functioning and your overall wellness. We offer problem-specific examination and treatment for extremity conditions (i.e. shoulders, wrist, ankles, hips, etc.), headaches, TMJ disorders, as well as personal injury and trauma.

Chiropractor Santa Cruz

Ask us how to save up to $1,500 on your treatment plan! Call today for a FREE consultation with Dr. Adams at 831-440-7787.

Dr. Robert J. Adams D.C. offers a variety of services and specializes in the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). It is an evidence-based chiropractic technique that can provide you with faster and longer-lasting results. Let Dr. Rob help you get back on track! Contact him now to schedule your appointment at our Scotts Valley office.

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